Modern castle

Medieval city in the Landscape

The Eurpan 10 winner for Augustenborg in Denmark is a way of bringing old memories of a people -the collective subconsciousness- into use in modern architecture.
Deve Architects show how with its rich medieval history and beautiful natural fjord landscape, Augustenborg has the potential to play an important role in the further growth and development of Als, also by the use of new energy forms; kinetic plates generating energy, ground-source heat pumps, wind turbines and biogas.

Modern Castle Deve Architects

Environmental Plans
The two sides of the fjord utilize their contrasting natures to harvest energy in complimentary ways, and the embankment acts as a conduit for the transfer of energy between them. On the marina side, the open landscape is farmed for energy using ground source heat pumps, windmills, and biogas. The urban side uses the roofscapes to harvest solar energy and kinetic plates in the parking area to generate energy.

By preserving some of the existing industrial structures, and infusing them with some of the cultural relevance of a castle, it is possible to create a vibrant new extension of the city. Historic Augustenborg Palace initially dictated the shape and growth of Augustenborg, but now a Modern Castle is required to establish a true city center in Augustenborg that can serve the entire region’s cultural and technological needs. The new city center will seize the waterfront from industry and provide more intimate moments of interaction for all people within the natural environment.

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One thought on “Modern castle

  1. After to that changes, usual tourists might lost a little bit of taste about Copenhagen specially if they don’t know yet the purpose. Let us hope that this will become more than those things that visitors love to see in the affected zone.

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