Urban Innovations 1.1

1. The old meets the new

This will be the first in a series of blog postings on urban innovations on a specific site, a space/time set site with a strong sense of place and self. This is an attempt to go very site specific into urban planning, taking into account the mentality, history, people and subconsciousness of this specific place in space and time. This is a protest against universal trends anonymous to place, and coca-cola architecture. The case study is a project for urban intervention in Gdansk, Poland.

The planning area is Targ Rakowy i Sienny, The Hay and Crayfish Market area, just next to the historic part of the city of Gdansk. A connection inbetween old and new is created in the Node Squares: The spacially narrow New Hansa Squares.

The new Node Squares in the old Hansa City:

The Urban structure before and after:



2 thoughts on “Urban Innovations 1.1

  1. Kalimera, and thank you for the sharing your thinking with us. Greetings from Greece.
    Now I will tell you how I feel about your unique urban spaces, which I have never seen before.
    The node does not seem”designed”, not art pour art. I don´t know how this piazza was born ?
    Perhaps you will explain to us in simple words?
    Kind regards, Frank David

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