Urban Innovations 1.3 “Urban Walk visualized”


The “500×500 M Urban Walk” in the new area of Targ Sienny i Rakowy in Gdansk presented as a movement in space through a series of drawings. The path is marked on the map.


1.  2.   3. 4. 5.  6. 7.  8.   10. 12.       //aitoa


5 thoughts on “Urban Innovations 1.3 “Urban Walk visualized”

  1. First I have to say your part now is the most personal. The way of drawing is unique,
    the spaces are nor seen before in this world.
    The thinking is clear, exact and personal.
    What will you come up with next?
    Greetings from Greece, Frank David

  2. Those drawings are so beautiful, I was very moved. Extremely pure. I would love to walk through those spaces. Thank you.

  3. to dean: you are right. The more I look at the drawings the more they appear clean and pure. This is a very rare gift to mankind. The spaces are so inviting and full of gladness – a rare thing among architects.

  4. I wish and will create a solution to sustainable architecture leveraging the power of renewable energy, agriculture, innovation, and market demand. While a commercial venture as the first prototype is designed and executed, many other systems will be designed and engineered to fit the demographic, i.e. malnourished economies greatly in need of solutions.

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