Venice CityVision

Venice urban competition

CityVisison Venice, an international ideas competition.

Concrete ponds:

Venice Infill:

Green clean-up:

Venice For Sale:

Artistic eco sci-fi:

Sci-fi hard line:

CITYVISION competition is an international ideas competition, which challenges architects, engineers, designers, students and creative individuals to develop visionary urban proposals with the intention of stimulating the contemporary city. Through innovative ideas, which can improve the connection between the historical, present and future city, CITYVISION aims to create new ways to deal with architectural historiography.

The objective of the competition is to drive the imagination, by the use of new materials, echo-technologies, parametric software and territorial organizations for a future vision of the city.

The Judging Panel of the 2011 edition was composed by leaders of the architecture and design fields: BJARKE INGELS (BIG Architects)  Copenhagen / New York, NERI OXMAN (Material Ecology)  New York, ELENA MANFERDINI (Atelier Manferdini)  Los Angeles, MARIA LUDOVICA TRAMONTIN (Università di Cagliari)  Cagliari, BOSTJAN VUGA (Sadar Vuga)  Ljubljana. //aitoa


One thought on “Venice CityVision

  1. Sometimes competitionsentries surprise me with original thinking – like this one about the sinking Venice. OR about the RISING SEA everywhere.
    Thanks for posting.

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