Lets build green over all highways

Hamburg plans to build over highway

In Finland, roads cover a whopping 16% of all land surface area (buildings stand for 4%). In tax expenses for an average tax payer, the cost of upkeeping merely the state highways, means that only military defence costs, social security as a whole, export support and state loan expenses come close to this cost.  Forget all about costs of education, environment,  immigrants etc, – THEY DONT EVEN COME CLOSE. Verokuitti.fi

In Hamburg, Germany, they decided to do something about this.

For decades, the A7 motorway, a major north-south highway that connects Germany with Scandinavia, has been a headache for Hamburg residents. The expressway is loud, it creates a physical barrier between neighborhoods, and because it contains heavy truck traffic, it lowers the surrounding air quality. To solve these problems, Hamburg’s government arrived at a brilliant solution: cover the expressway with a large green roof.



6 thoughts on “Lets build green over all highways

  1. As a perfect long term solution, we could make all transport airborne. Instead of using helium for toys, we could build huge lifting frames supported by large gas filled balloons, perhaps 120m dia. by 500m high. payloads could be hung from the racks. to which the balloons would be tethered. many balloons could be used, depending on the loads. The balloons would not need propulsion but helicopter tugs would push them with air blasts. Most of the they could allowed to float with selected air streams. All other transort would be smaller balloons or VTOL craft.
    Imagine, no roads, bridges or tunnels anywhere, very little pollution, silence., and everything could be picked up where it is made and landed in the intended place of use. All this is steam age technology, so don’t tell me it cannot be done. Even if we spent as much on this as we do building motor vehicles and cleaning up after them, what a contribution they could make to the quality of life for all.
    Vernon Nolan

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