Solar nanoflowers

The next generation solar panels

Researchers from North Carolina State University have created flower-like structures that can make the use of  solar energy take leaps. These nanoflowers have extremely thin petals with an enormous surface area for maximum solar gathering.

Petals are made out of germanium sulfide (GeS) – a semiconductor material . The GeS flower holds promise for next-generation energy storage devices and solar cells.

“Creating these Nanoflowers is exciting because it gives us a huge surface area in a small amount of space,” says Dr. Linyou Cao, an assistant professor of materials science and engineering at North Carolina State University.

Link: ACSnano


2 thoughts on “Solar nanoflowers

  1. We thank you over here in the Silicon Valley for posting this article, Aito.
    Since the publication of ” Common Sense ” here in the US there has been nothing of the same importantance for Mankind as your blog, or the content in it.

    We have a Master recycler, Alexis Kletsis, in our team. He will collect all recycled older solar cells, wind turbins etc etc into a wooden house he bought here in Sawa, less than a mile from the Ocean. It was he who found your blog just a minute ago: now he shouts greetings to you from our kitchen. Older ‘pioneer but not yet retro’ solar cells and batteries are now unbelievable cheap almost everywhere in the world, you can buy them on internet. You can easily get all the electricity you need for your home – roofs – balconies – terraces – gardens.

    Thank you again for your article and for having the best blog around,

    Thomas F. Payne
    Professor of Physics
    University of California

  2. Dear Aitoa, you always surprise me with you choice of intelligent articles.
    TODAY you saved our day in the Architecture workshop with the article Nanoflowers for solar energy. The idea has been in front of us – directly under our noses – all the time to be used. What else are there, just under our noses in Nature – to be grabbed by the few sharp ones among us?

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