The Era of the Elderly

Live longer die faster Part 2.


A lot of people want to participate doing things together with others. People want to show off their skills, to use the skills they have, and to feel part of a comunity or a society. But they want to participate on their own terms, and especially if thinking of elderly workers, in accordance with their own abilities.

Currently, in many cases, working conditions do not live up to this at all: timetables are stressed, flexibility is not allowed, and all tasks are based on a calculated profit, pushing the boundaries of what is ethical work outcome to its limit.  This often ignoring that making profit in developed societies with a fairly high living standard, starts from the people doing the work, and them feeling they are doing something they believe in, somewhat like, and that has a purpose.

The time bank offers means to exchange small tasks.

Crowdsourcing tasks is a way of offering people work opportunities on their terms. Anyone can participate, offer their skills to others, do the work when they have time and when they want to. In the other end you can choose from the tasks offered to you by others.

Could the use of crowdsourcing neighbourhood tasks be of help to the elderly?

Task can be crowdsourced by you and me and stored in a time bank to be recollected later.


Please mention the source, if using the presentation.


3 thoughts on “The Era of the Elderly

  1. The sky was clear last night . My son (67) counted the stars. In the morning I read your second post. Yes, we have a long tradition with the Bank of Time, I think it is from our father Ibrahim’s time. It is clear for all and work like this:I took care of my father and mother during all their old age: my sons and daughter take care of me now when I am 89. In this way the life in my clan is good, I feel secure during my old age here.

    There are a few fine points in your reasoning. We do not give time easy to somebody outside the clan. Notice: If you give your time as soldier or teacher, nurse, civil servant or simple goverment os municipality emplioyee to the common society you should have it back as an extra good security and service from the common society in your old age. This is old wisdom – but it is also common sense.

  2. Hmm…Personally I have been thinking the whole night about Thomas Payne alone up there on the 3rd floor without both legs working.
    First: Thomas, send your address, phone number etc – I will arrange help.

    Secondly: There are perhaps thousands of invalids & old folks exactly in Thomas Payne’s situation at home here in Finland. Most apartment houses from the 1960s and 1970s are III stories without elevators.

    When I find good solutions for new elevators in old apartment houses I will paste them on this Aito blog. An elevator is perhaps THE SINGLE best solution for us old folks to continue to live in our own homes: I will also send a photo without elevators from my apartment house, where my home as a senior is – five straight flights of stairs with four turnings. An elevator is for me the single best way to avoid moving to a very expensive old folk’s home: expensive for me, for the municipality and – for younger taxpayers.

    HEY – humans all over world, feeling for old folks, who want to stay in their elevator-less apartment homes, let us here make a collection of solutions:
    Please, send here, to Aito, photos or copy&paste good ideas from the Net:
    1 ) New elevators in old apartment houses
    2 ) New elevators + new stories on the roof of old apartment houses

    Like me and you, while sitting at our computers , now, let’s copy & paste immediately

  3. The Government’s social security is paying two very expensive helpers to carry me down and up. I can not be forced to move to a new house, because I own my flat and I will not move. There is room for an elevator in our apartment house – but the majority people living further down are opposing the new elevators.

    Here are something for your collection of solutions:

    – HYDRAULIC elevators are much less costly but they are not common:

    – INSIDE my home elevators: Good to have in your collection:

    – VACUM elevators: silent, cannot fall-returns to ground floor, cheaper – check for models for rollator&weelchairs:

    Folks, send in solutions!

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