Art in Motion

Nick Cave soundsuits

Something to brighten the day up. Presenting (another) Nick Cave, the soundsuit artist:

Nick Cave´s soundsuits were featured at the Meet me at the Center of the Earth -exhition in Chicago. Soundsuits created by Chicago-based artist and professor, Nick Cave.

Cave, who considers himself a humanitarian before an artist, created his first Soundsuit in 1992, after the appalling discharge of police officers involved with the Rodney King beating. Originally created as a sculptural costume, Cave discovered it rustled to movement when put on- each creating their own distinguishable noise. Reminiscent of African and Caribbean ceremonial garb as well as haute couture, Cave’s Soundsuits examine themes of identity, transformation, ritual, and most specifically for this exhibition, spiritual strength. Cave also created animal totems to marry his human-based suits to the idea of power and peace, symbolizing communities that can co-exist despite great differences.  ..more



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